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My story is nothing special, one day I just decided enough was enough. I needed to make a CHANGE! To GET MY HEALTH BACK, my passion, my drive and be more present in my daughter’s life. I have always dreamed of being a stay at home mom, but I was not doing anything to make that happen. I had gotten in the best shape of my life thanks to our at home workouts and Shakeology. I had the SUPPORT, encouragement, and accountability of our challenge groups that truly made all the difference in the world. It really was the missing link to everything else out there. These THREE THINGS combined gave me my life back.

This is the first thing that has ever transformed my life in every way, and every area. I had to pay that forward and tell others about it. 


Today I am a coach over two years now. I have an amazing team that are CHANGING LIVES and building freedom of their own. Making their own dreams come true and spreading this amazing opportunity with others as well. I have achieved, and reached so many of my goals over the past two years I never thought were possible. God has truly blessed me in this business and showed me that I WAS MADE FOR THIS — to help others achieve the impossible and to dream big. 


Please JOIN ME on this amazing ride as we change lives one at a time from the Inside-Out!

BEACHBODY is a company solely dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and enjoy happy and fulfilling lives.

I enjoy my many choices of workouts!

— Ashley —

Tired, sad, disappointed in myself, ugly, never wanted to go anywhere, embarrassed to be seen. This is how I would describe myself before starting on my first BeachBody program. I felt all these things, and worst of all, I felt helpless. I didn't think that anything would really help me out of this downward spiral. As a mom of 3 girls, I could see and hear how my lack of self-care was influencing my children. They could clearly see that what I said didn't match how I lived. What I said was "God made us just the way He wants us, and that makes us beautiful." What I did was snarl in disgust every time I looked in a mirror, complain about how none of my clothes fit me, constantly tell my husband how fat and disgusting I was. They saw and heard all of this. I finally reached my breaking point when my beautiful, smart, loving 4 year old daughter started saying that she was ugly. What a wake-up call!!! So instead of lip service, I prayed and looked to God and asked for renewed joy in the fact that He did indeed create me in His image. He lovingly reminded me that I, like every person, have value because He loves me. That changed everything for me. I had a desire to take care of myself, to be healthy, to feel beautiful again. My desire for these did not come from an attempt to EARN value. It came from knowing and believing that I AM valuable because of WHO I belong to. Fast forward to now. I am happier, healthier, have more energy, I enjoy going out again, I feel pretty again. I treat myself like I'm valuable because I now know that taking care of myself is not selfish. It is not vain. It is necessary to be a good steward of this body and this life that God has entrusted me with. I have become a coach and enjoyed the incredible feeling that comes from helping others to care for themselves and be the best they can be. I cannot even put into words how thankful I am for this opportunity and this lifestyle change!!

My desire is to inspire others to believe in themselves, empowering them to fulfill their dreams and live the life God intended.
– Desirae
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