Stuffed Shells


12 dry jumbo pasta shells

1 lb. raw 93% lean ground turkey

1 tsp. sea salt (or Himalayan salt)

½ tsp. ground black pepper

½ tsp. fennel seeds

½ tsp. crushed red pepper flakes (optional)

1 Tbsp. ground paprika

3 cloves garlic, finely chopped

2 tsp. cold water

1 Tbsp. olive oil

2 cups FIXATE Marinara (see recipe below for Marinara), divided use

4 cups coarsely chopped baby spinach

¼ cup chopped fresh basil

1 cup part-skim mozzarella cheese (optional)


1. Preheat oven to 350º F.

2. Cook shells according to package directions. Rinse under cold water. Set aside.

3. To make sausage mixture, combine turkey, salt, pepper, fennel seeds, red pepper flakes (if desired), paprika, garlic, and water in a large mixing bowl; mix with gloves (or clean hands) until sticky and thoroughly combined. Set aside.

4. Heat oil in large skillet over medium-high heat, until fragrant.

5. Add sausage mixture; cook, breaking into small pieces with a wooden spoon, for 4 to 6 minutes, or until cooked through.

6. Add 1 cup marinara, spinach, and basil. Bring to a gentle boil; gently boil for 2 minutes.

7. Place remaining 1 cup marinara in bottom of a 9 x 9-inch casserole dish. Set aside.

8. Fill each shell with approx. 3 Tbsp. turkey mixture. Place in prepared casserole dish, seam-sides up. Top with cheese, if desired. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, or until hot and bubbly. Enjoy.


1 (14.5-oz.) can whole peeled tomatoes

2 tsp. olive oil

1⁄3 cup chopped onion (approx. ½ medium)

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

2 Tbsp. dry white wine (like pinot grigio)

¼ tsp. sea salt (or Himalayan salt)

4 fresh basil leaves, finely chopped


1. Place tomatoes in a medium bowl; crush by hand (or pulse in a food processor or blender) to achieve slightly chunky consistency. Set aside.

2. Heat oil in medium nonstick skillet over medium-high heat.

3. Add onion; cook, stirring frequently, for 3 to 5 minutes, or until onion is translucent.

4. Add garlic; cook, stirring frequently, for 1 minute.

5. Add wine; cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, for 1 to 2 minutes, or until almost all the liquid has evaporated.

6. Add tomatoes and salt. Bring to a gentle boil. Reduce heat to low; gently boil, stirring occasionally, for 7 to 8 minutes, or until sauce has thickened slightly. Remove from heat. 7. Add basil; mix well. Cool to room temperature before serving. Set aside


It’s best to slightly undercook the shells, as they will continue to cook in the oven. Most boxes will have pre-bake boil times. It’s usually about 9 minutes. • If your boiled shells are going to be sitting for a while, it’s best to lay them out on a sheet pan after rinsing to avoid them sticking together. • You can use store-bought marinara sauce if you prefer. Look for a product without added sugar. I like to double this recipe then freeze the individual leftover shells until solid. Then place them in a resealable freezer bag for storage. This way, when I want stuffed shells, I simply place a couple in the refrigerator the night before to defrost, then warm them through in a 350º F oven.

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